This tutorial is a revision or update of my previous tutorial that I uploaded on my youtube channel entitled: To Easy To Make Floating Window on Sketchware Pro. Due to bugs and input from previous developers who have tried, I updated the tutorial and its source here: To Easy Implementation of Floating Window in Sketchware Pro Support Multiple Floating.

In this tutorial I will provide an example of creating 2 Floating Windows in a sequence where if the button in the application to call the Floating Window is pressed it will display Floating 1 and if Floating 1 is pressed it will call Floating 2.In contrast, if Floating 2 is closed then Floating 1 will be displayed and to close Floating 1 just press and hold floating 1.

The first step is to add a floating window component, according to the title I added 2 floating window components. As you can see in the picture I named it TEST and TEST2. The floating TEST2 component will display a floating button which will later display the floating text editor. For more details, see the image below.


Next we start implementing the Block inside the OnCreate, Button and Floating Event Listener WindowManager. First we go to the OnCreate Event and create a block like the one below, understand and practice.

Next we go to the button widget which will call Floating 1, inside the onClick function add a Block like the example below.

Next we go to the WindowManager Test2 Event Listener, add a block like the example below. In this event you can customize the floating appearance and floating function.

Next we go to the Event Listener for Test. Where here is where the customize floating text editor will be displayed. Please make a block arrangement like the example below.

Because here I am giving an example of an implementation text editor in Floating, we need to adjust the edittext listener so that it can display the soft keyboard in the floating service activity. We need to add import: android.view.inputmethod.InputMethodManager.

Enough of the tutorial from me, hopefully useful and good luck. For source components, custom blocks, and sample projects, please download.

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