How to download android and rt jar for dex compiler

The following is how to setup the Dex compiler to support the LibsGradle application. You need to do this setup so that the LibsGradle application from IndoSW can work properly. You need to download the android.jar and rt.jar files and place them in the correct storage, please follow the explanation below.

Download the android.jar and rt.jar files by clicking the link below:


Download android.jar (Size : 43,89 mb)

Download rt.jar (Size : 61,3 mb)

After you download, place the two files above in : /storage/emulated/0/IndoswCompiler/Classpath/

If you haven’t found the storage location, you can first create a storage folder or open the LibsGradle application, the application will automatically create the storage folder.

If you have placed the two files then you can use the LibsGradle application to download libraries and create libraries for your Sketchware project, good luck and thanks.

For more information about how to use LibsGradle Application please check my Youtube Channel https://www.youtube.com/c/LindaBudiono

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