LibsGradle Android Application For Download Library and Dex Compiler Sketchware – on this occasion let me introduce the INDOSW application to support your Sketchware project.

This application is LibsGradle which has the main function of downloading all existing Android SDK libraries, and compiling it into Dex so that you can create libraries for your Sketchware project.

This compiler supports SDK based on Java 8 too, so you don’t need to worry. If you need this application, you can immediately download it by clicking the link below, but after you download and install it there is something you need to prepare, namely the android.jar and rt.jar files.

Download LibsGradle Android Application (6 mb)

The android.jar and rt.jar files I purposely separated are not in the application so that the LibsGradle application is not large in size, to get the android.jar and rt.jar files you can check in my post:

How to download android and rt jar for dex compiler
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