Instagram Downloader Feed & Stories in Sketchware Pro

Instagram Downloader Feed & Stories in Sketchware Pro – Hello, welcome again to my blog This time I will share an example of the implementation of downloading Instagram feeds and stories in Sketchware Pro. I created this project in Sketchware on the basis of my project in Android Studio which uses the libraries I created and uploaded on my Github. You can check my github about this project at : https://github.com/SWRevo/InstagramDownloader


This project is only for experienced Sketchware developers, for beginners it is not recommended, because many implementations in it use ASD Block code. Immediately, you can download the sample project here : https://mega.nz/file/8OQzTYwZ#cmV2FF0wpyWi6JxrkPIo-Z7DXC5xpFwkEk_vY7CVLC0 . After you download it, you can import it directly into your Sketchware Pro. For the local library, you can download it here : https://mega.nz/file/dWRTUQCJ#sdZAohnzpU40AK42Z5qmYXiPqMJs7LWWdzg-jl7GHkA

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