RevoLearning User Policy & User Privacy

User Policy & User Privacy


Welcome to the REVOLEARNING App, an android application published by Otoclash Mediatama, Yogyakarta.
The following Terms of Use are conditions for the use of applications, content, services and features in our application. These Terms of Use also apply to products originating from this application.
By accessing and using this Application, you understand and agree to be bound by all applicable regulations in this application. If you do not agree to be bound by all applicable regulations, do not use this application.


Managers can change, add or subtract these Terms of Use at any time. You are bound by each of these changes and therefore must periodically view this page to check the Terms of Use and the applicable binding.


The services in this application are only available to users who have registered and require users to register with a user ID to use it. As a registered user, you must comply with all regulations regarding the use of this service.


REVOLEARNING is an android application that has the main features as a means of learning to program Android with Sketchware. In the REVOLEARNING application there are tutorials and guidance on how to use the features in the Sketchware application. By using the REVOLEARNING application you agree to understand the tutorial in the REVOLEARNING application, and if there are errors and differences with the way other developers you can understand it.


All feature content in this application is copyrighted by the source and from the REVOLEARNING application developer, you are not permitted to distribute or duplicate features in this application without permission from the REVOLEARNING Application developer.

Our User Privacy Policy

Your privacy is important to us and this statement sets out our Privacy Policy and the practices of REVOLEARNING APP, its subsidiaries and related companies (together, "Groups", "We" or "We") that will be followed in connection with collecting, using and / or disclose user's personal data in connection with his mobile application, REVOLEARNING ("APP REVOLEARNING"). Please do not use the REVOLEARNING service if you do not agree with our Privacy Policy. This Privacy Policy is incorporated into and is subject to our Terms of Service. Use of REVOLEARNING and any personal information that you provide to REVOLEARNING is subject to the provisions of this Privacy Policy and our Terms of Service. This Privacy Policy complements, and does not limit or replace, the goals that you provide to the Group with your personal data that can be expressly stated in any form for the submission of personal data to the Group.

1. Personal Data We Collect, Use and / or Disclose

The types of data collected, used and / or disclosed by REVOLEARNING include, but are not limited to, information provided by you, your mobile device or social media platform. Some of this data can identify you personally.

When you download REVOLEARNING, our equipment will automatically record:

(i) your personal data that is linked to your Google account, when you register with our application;

(ii) the manufacture, model and manufacturer of your device; and

(iii) version of your operating system.

When you use REVOLEARNING, our equipment will also automatically record some general information besides the data mentioned above, including:

(i) your Internet Protocol address;

We generally do not collect, use and / or disclose other personal data about you through the use of REVOLEARNING although your personal data will be available to us if you choose to synchronize your social media platform with REVOLEARNING. However, we may disclose to third parties the anonymized information that results from your use of REVOLEARNING.

2. Purpose

You hereby agree that the Group may collect, store, process, disclose, access, review and / or use personal data (including sensitive personal data) about you, whether obtained from you or from other sources, for the purposes mentioned below and / or other administrative or operational purposes and / or the purpose of managing your relationship as a REVOLEARNING user or as a customer with the Company or other companies in the Group:

(i) verification and identification needs;

(ii) allows you to use services provided by the Group or REVOLEARNING, including, if necessary, contacting you (either through notifications in the application via REVOLEARNING, e-mail or instant messaging services);

(iii) provide services to you in connection with the use of REVOLEARNING;

(iv) facilitating interoperability between other social media platforms (such as Facebook) and REVOLEARNING;

(v) dealing with questions that you make;

(vi) provide software support and maintenance in connection with your use of REVOLEARNING;

(vii) troubleshooting and maintaining our server;

(viii) maintenance and updating of personal data;

(ix) statistical analysis;

(x) understand and analyze usage patterns;

(xi) administrative or operational objectives;

(xii) preparation of tax filings;

3. Data Quality

You agree that all personal data that you provide to us in accessing and / or using REVOLEARNING is and will remain accurate, complete and up to date. On our part, the Group will take reasonable steps to ensure that personal data collected, used or disclosed is accurate and complete.

4. Data Security

The Group will take reasonable steps to protect the personal data it stores from abuse and loss and from unauthorized access, modification or disclosure.

The Group will not retain personal data for longer than necessary for business and / or legal purposes and will take reasonable steps to destroy or permanently identify personal data if it is no longer needed.

5. Transborder Data Flow

If your personal data is transferred to a country or territory outside, for example, if your personal data is needed for administrative or operational purposes in other companies in the Group, we will ensure that the recipient provides a standard of protection for your personal data so that the transfer is proportional to what is provided here.

6. Update to Privacy Policy

The Group will revise this Privacy Policy from time to time and an updated version will be dated so that you are aware of any changes made. Your continued use of REVOLEARNING is your agreement to this Privacy Policy and all changes.

Subject to applicable law, the Indonesian version of this Privacy Policy will apply to other versions of this Privacy Policy in other languages.

7. Contact Us

You can write to us at [] for any privacy issues and requests relating to this Privacy Policy, or our Products and Services.